Upcoming presentations

In addition to finding Prof. Krogstad at a number of UK Universities, you can also hear about recent work from our group at the following upcoming meetings and conferences:

  • THERMEC, Paris, France: Prof. Krogstad will be speaking about work by Pralav Shetty and Megan Emigh in her talk entitled, “The Promise of Nanotwins Beyond Strength”
  • GRS/GRC Thin Films and Small Scale Mechanical Behavior, Lewiston, ME: Pralav Shetty is organizing the GRS and will be presenting on his thin film oxidation work
  • ICSMA, Columbus, OH:
    • Charles Smith will be presenting on his work investigating the nucleation of ferroelastic domains in his talk entitled: “Multi-length scale characterization of ferroelastic deformation in ceramic materials”
    • Gianna Valentino, of Prof. Kevin Hemker’s group at JHU, will be highlighting her work, “Characterizing mechanical and thermal properties of nanotwinned metal thin films for high temperature MEMS devices” which was conducted at least in part during her recent visit to UIUC
    • Prof. Krogstad will again be highlighting the work of Megan Emigh and Pralav Shetty in her talk entitled “Planar defects in nanocrystalline metallic alloys: stability, transformation and transport”
  • GRS/GRC Solid State Studies in Ceramics, South Hadley, MA: Nathan Madden will take a brief break from his fellowship at Sandia to present his work on “Defect ordering in yttria stabilized zirconia under 45 MeV ion irradiation”