Dana Yun

Department UGRA 2020-2022

danayun2@illinois.edu | |


Dana graduated with a BS in Materials Science and Engineering in 2022 and is now an engineer at Sonoco Rigid Paper in their Packaging division.


Oxidation of transition metal diboride thin films

Research Areas

Achieved identification of oxidation temperature range of highly wear-resistant hafnium diboride through utilizing thermogravimetric analysis and x-ray diffraction equipment, allowing further investigations of thermodynamic and kinetic properties of phase changes in thin films. Optimized restricted time frames of highly technical equipment and computer analysis programs, ensuring safe and efficient operation. Partnered with graduate students to troubleshoot differing results and identify new applications to adapt to changing lab and industry partner circumstances.


Dana’s work with our group was supported by the¬†Clare Boothe Luce Scholar Program through the Grainger College of Engineering.

Email danayun2@nospam667977d40efce.illinois.edu