Samyukta Shrivastav

Title Graduate Research Assistant
Department Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Samyukta (Sam) joined UIUC and Jessica Krogstad’s group in August of 2019. She completed her B.Tech in Metallurgical and Materials engineering in May 2019 from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur, India. Her work focuses on characterizing the properties of a novel HfAlBalloy coating, and determining the optimum temperatures for this alloy’s application space. Additionally, she has also contributed to studying and understanding the corrosion mechanism of biofeeedstocks on carbon steels under high pressures.


B.Tech (2019), Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Department gold medalist


NSF-GOALI: Understanding the high temperature oxidation and crystallization behavior of hafnium aluminum diboride coatings

BP-ICAM: Oxidation of carbon and stainless steels in biofuels under high pressures.