Po-Cheng Kung

Title Graduate Research Assistant
Department Materials Science and Engineering

Po-Cheng joined UIUC and Jessica Krogstad’s group in August 2019. His current research project centered on understanding the role of short-range ordering (SRO) in hydrogen embrittlement in austenitic steels. His work focuses on studying the SRO structure using microscopy and microanalysis techniques, primarily electron diffraction and imaging. Prior to UIUC, Po-Cheng received his BS degree in Material Science and Engineering from National Taiwan University (NTU) in 2018.


BS Materials Science and Engineering, National Taiwan University, 2018


Tailoring composition and deformation modes at the microstructural level for next generation low-cost high-strength austenitic stainless steels.

Research Areas & Previous Experience

At NTU, Po-Cheng worked in the Microstructure and Defect Physics group under the direction of Dr. Hong-Wei Yen where he studied the effect of grain size on hydrogen embrittlement in TRIP steels. His work there included utilizing reverse austenite transformation to form ultra-fine grain TRIP steel and performing materials characterization techniques (tensile testing, thermal desorption spectrum, SEM, XRD and EBSD) to study the physical properties and microstructure of steels.

Po-Cheng currently works on characterizing the structural and compositional difference of SRO in austenitic steels with different alloying compositions and heat treatment histories. He develops procedures based on Scanning Electron Nano-Beam Diffraction (or 4D-STEM) and Fluctuation Electron Microscopy techniques to identify heterogeneous SRO domains in the matrix and deconvolve the diffuse electron scattering signals from heterogeneous and homogeneous SROs. He also works on incorporating other microanalysis techniques, such as Atom Probe Tomography, as well as electron diffraction simulation methods with the developed procedure to better understand the SRO structures.


College student research scholarship, Ministry of Science and technology-Taiwan (2017)

Scholarship of China Steel Corporation (2018)

Racheff Teaching Fellowship (2022)

Email pckung2@nospam64283fff3f278.illinois.edu