Nachi Shah

Title Graduate Research Assistant
Department Materials Science and Engineering

Nachi joined Jessica Krogstad’s group in September of 2019. His current work focuses on studying the effects of thermal relaxation treatments on the microstructure of ceramic materials, and how they can subsequently enhance the ceramic materials’ radiation resistance. Additionally, he is also investigating how atomic ordering in spinels impacts their radiation enhanced diffusivity. Prior to that, Nachi worked on optimizing sintering treatments to appreciably densify tungsten (W) at relatively lower temperatures (<0.3 Tm). Nachi uses the Dr. Sinter SPS-615 spark plasma sintering machine in ESB 75 to fabricate samples across materials classes like metals, ceramics and composites.


BS in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles (2019)


Fall 2021 Conference Presentation Award (UIUC MatSE)
Outstanding student award 2019 (Materials Science and Engineering Dept., UCLA