Undergraduate Students

Colton Adamick



Colton is a senior in Materials Science and Engineering with a concentration in metallurgy at UIUC. His work focuses in increasing the efficiency of transportation methods by enhancing propulsion systems. Colton’s previous experience includes working at BorgWarner Turbo Systems in Asheville, NC, where he used methods such as scanning electron microscopy and EDS to examine materials such as steel, aluminum, and nickel-based superalloys for use in turbocharger applications. Colton’s expected graduation date is 2016.


Sean Murray



Sean is a junior in materials science and engineering with a concentration in metals, while also minoring in music. Last summer, he interned at GE Aviation in Dayton, Ohio, where he learned about and assisted with the manufacturing of the single-crystal nickel-based superalloy airfoils which will be used in the high-pressure turbines of CFM’s LEAP series engines. Searching for a variety of defects created during the investment-casting process, Sean became familiar with x-ray diffraction, metallography, microscopy, and energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy. Next summer, Sean will be the materials engineering intern at the Exxonmobil Joliet Refinery in Joliet, IL. Sean’s expected graduation date is May 2016, and he is currently considering graduate studies. On campus, he enjoys playing trombone and guitar, rock-climbing, and going to new places.