Dr. Sinter Spark Plasma Sintering Unit has arrived!

The SMEE group has received a new piece of processing equipment: a Fuji SPS-615 Dr. Sinter Lab spark plasma sintering unit. Spark plasma sintering (SPS), also referred to as field assisted sintering technique (FAST) or current assisted densification (CAD), is a relatively nascent processing technique, which combines isostatic pressure with large currents capable of producing temperatures via Joule heating in the ranges of 2000ºC in just seconds. Full densification of ceramics can be achieved in under 10 minutes and often at lower temperatures than conventional pressure-free or hot-pressing routes. The technique is also very useful for maintaining fine grain sizes and nonequilibrium chemistries in metallic or ceramic materials systems due to the rapid densification time. Our SPS will be installed in our newest lab space, ESB 75, in the coming weeks. We are very excited to get to work!